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Sol-Gel Materials and Nanotechnolgy | Monday, 19 March 2018
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M.Sc. Beata Borak   Print  E-mail
Written by Administrator  
Tuesday, 05 October 2004

M.Sc. Beata Borak

Wrocław University of Technology, Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics

Present position

Ph.D. student

Research interests:

Sol-gel materials, titania and silica powders, molecular imprinting


2003 - Wrocław University of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics, PhD studies – in progress

1994-1999 Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wrocław, Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry.

Thesis: The reaction of the hydroformylation catalyzed by rhodium complexes modyfied with triphenylphosphite, N-pyrrolylphosphines and aminophosphines ligands. Master degree.

1990-1994 secondary school - LO Bolesław Chrobry in Kłodzko

Professional Training & Experience

  • (october 2002 - present) Research in Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research Polish Academic of Science, Wrocław
  • (february 2002 - present) Teacher of chemistry in Grammar School
  • (july 2002) Practice in Chemical Works “Złotniki” Inc.Co. in Wrocław
  • (october 1999 - february 2002) Research in Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wrocław


  • International Conference on Sol-Gel Materials’03; Szklarska Poręba, Poland, 15-20 June 2003 – poster
  • 4th International School on Molecular Catalysis; Poznań-Dymaczewo, Poland, August 28-September 02, 2001 – poster
  • VIth Regional Seminar of PhD Students on Organometallic and Organophosphorus Chemistry;
  • Karpacz, Poland, April 9-13, 2000 – short oral presentation
  • 14th Summer School on Coordination Chemistry; Polanica Zdrój, Poland, June 6-12 1999 – poster


Polish, English


cycling, travelling – member of Polish Tourist Country-Lover’s Society

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