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Sol-Gel Materials and Nanotechnolgy | Monday, 19 March 2018
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Thursday, 04 March 2004

The Center of Excellence, in Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics, is a structural part of the Wrocław University of Technology.

Wrocław University of Technology offers a wide variety of degree programs organized into 12 faculties (Faculty of Architecture, of Civil Engineering, of Chemistry, of Electronics, of Electrical Engineering, of Mining Engineering, of Environmental Engineering, of Computer Science and Management, of Mechanical and Power Engineering, of Mechanical Engineering, of Fundamental Problems of Technology, of Microsystem Electronics and Photonics). It has 32000 students and 2060 academic teachers working at 28 institutes. The University conducts extensive research in many fields of engineering as well as in mathematics, physics and chemistry.

The Institute of Materials Science and Applied Mechanics employs 49 persons (9 professors, 20 doctors, 20 technicians and administrative staff) and 30 Ph.D. students. The Institute conducts scientific-research work and carries out assessments for industry in the fields of:

  • materials science;
  • structural analysis;
  • the fatigue properties and strength of materials and structures;
  • the mechanics of machines and equipment;
  • the theory of elasticity and plasticity;
  • the rheology of polymer plastics and reinforced composites.

Institute research activity is covering dimensional analysis and theory of similarity, structural studies, biomechanics, dynamics of mechanical systems, strength hypotheses, elasticity and plasticity theory, materials technology (nano-materials, new plastics and their technology, reinforced composite structures, changes in microstructure and material properties, sol-gel technology), fracture mechanics and the fatigue of materials, methods of experimental mechanics, modelling of processes in mechanics, rheology, strength of materials, recycling of plastics.

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